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Presentation Changes
2018 Presenter Schedule for: Friday

 4:30pm - 5:15pm
 Atrium  Ben Lawry - The Forward Stroke
 Loon  Anna Levesque - SUP for Women: Walk on Water
 Bear  Harlan Schwartz - The Primal Boreal Forest: Wilderness Paddling Deep Within the Heart of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
 Caribou  Israel Dunn - Pedal vs. Paddle
 Sylvania  Danny Mongno - Basics of Dressing for any Paddling Adventure
 Algonquin  Dan York - Go Paddling! An Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking
 BWCA  Tamara Thomsen - Paddling Through History: Shipwreck Interpretation for Paddlers
 Superior  Dale Cox - The Wild and Scenic St. Croix and Namekagon
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Boundary Waters Canoeing with Style
 Voyageur  Michael Gray - Dancing with Ice: Paddling Greenland with Greenlanders
 Killarney  John Browning - What's in Your First Aid Kit?
 5:30pm - 6:15pm
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - Selecting a Kayak Paddle
 Loon  Bonnie Perry - The Heart and Soul of Paddling
 Bear  Garrett Fache - Paddles and Photographs
 Caribou  Craig Zarley - Catching Canoe Country Lake Trout
 Sylvania  Andy Talley - Tall Tales from the Fur Trade Trails
 Algonquin  Ginna Irwin - Wilderness First Aid for Paddlers
 BWCA  Debra Hawthorne - The 3 P's: Food for Your Adventure
 Superior  Timothy Bauer - Three Paddling Destinations for 3-day Weekends in Wisconsin
 Quetico  Dave & Amy Freeman - A Year in the Wilderness
 Voyageur  Krystal Westfahl - Family Friendly Paddling Adventures in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
 Killarney  Marty Koch - Basic River Safety for the Casual Paddler
 6:30pm - 7:15pm
 Atrium  Jonathan Ringdahl - What Do We Do Now? Preparing for When Things Go Wrong!
 Loon  Scott MacGregor - Trip Stories That Don't Suck: The Art of Great Adventure Writing
 Bear  Norman Sims & Mark Neuzil - The Natural History of the Canoe: From Dugouts to Courting Canoes
 Caribou  Kris Dressler, D. Neal, G. Anderson - The Physics of Tides
 Sylvania  Paul & Susan Schurke - Arctic Trails and Their Secret Tales
 Algonquin  Susan & Adam Elliott - Wild River Life: A Wild and Scenic Road Trip
 BWCA  Wayne Horodowich - Essential Equipment for Paddling
 Superior  Fred Shermock - Quetico Canoe Routes
 Quetico  Kevin Callan - The Complete Guide to Winter Camping
 Voyageur  Dan York - Paddling the Lofoten Islands: Norway's Craggy Crown Jewels
 Killarney  John Van Barriger - Packing the Perfect 'Oh Sh!t' Emergency Kit
 7:30pm - 8:15pm
 Atrium  John Chase - Power to the Paddle: Exercises to Improve Your Paddling
 Loon  Anna Levesque - Better Relationships, More Confidence, More Fun
 Bear  Don Hynek & Daren Barrett - Paddling the Cradle of Western Civilization
 Caribou  Kris Dressler, D. Neal, G. Anderson - Physics and Paddlesports: Encore Enlightenment
 Sylvania  Preston Ciere - Making the Portage Fun
 Algonquin  Jerry Vandiver & One Match Band - Paddle Songs
 BWCA  Wayne Horodowich - How to Choose the Kayak that Works Best for You
 Superior  Dave & Amy Freeman - Gear for a Year
 Quetico  Jim Baird - How Canoe Tripping Helped Me Win History Channel's ALONE
 Voyageur  David Ellingson - Kayaking the Erie Canal and Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty
 Killarney  Alec & Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin - Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Paddler

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2018 presentation schedules

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