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Presentation Changes
2019 Presenter Schedule for: Saturday

 9:30am - 10:15am
 Atrium  Kat Casey - Yoga for Paddlers
 Loon  Neal Schroeter - What Everyone Should Know About Cold Water Paddling
 Bear  Scott Oeth - Paddling Maine's Wild Rivers
 Caribou  Sherri Mertz - Test Paddling Kayaks on the Showroom Floor
 Sylvania  Lynn Dominguez - Get Started Canoeing, Now!
 Algonquin  Sam Crowley - Sea Kayaking the Outer Coast of the Great Bear
 BWCA  Barb & Gene Geiger - Paddling Cuisine: Healthy One-Pot Meals for Adventure Touring
 Superior  Dale Cox - Paddle the National Parks of the Midwest
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Camping's Top Secrets
 Voyageur  Andrew Talley - Tall Tales from the Fur Trade Trails
 Killarney  Richard Silberman - When is Old Too Old... to Paddle?
 10:30am - 11:15am
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle
 Loon  Meredith Freshley & Emily Spanger - 6 North of 60: Paddling Expedition to the Arctic
 Bear  John Browning - What's in Your First Aid Kit?
 Caribou  Greg, Julie & Sarah Marston - Paddling Michigan's Keweenaw
 Sylvania  Bart Swab - Being Equipped for Kayak Fishing
 Algonquin  Marty Koch - Ten Steps To Better Outdoor Photography
 BWCA  Mona Gauthier - Food Dehydration 101
 Superior  Justin Olson - Paddling Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
 Quetico  Rob Kesselring & Stu Osthoff - Finding Your Own Wilderness Canoe Tripping Style
 Voyageur  Dan York - Wild Rivers of the Wild West
 Killarney  Maura & Bobby Marko - Canoe Camping with Babies and Toddlers
 11:30am - 12:15pm
 Atrium  John Chase - Power to the Paddle: Exercises to Improve Your Paddling
 Loon  Andrea Knepper & CAT Youth - Building Youth Leadership through Paddling
 Bear  Charles Wright - Paddling America's Everglades
 Caribou  Wayne Horodowich - How to Choose the Kayak that Works Best for You
 Sylvania  Jim Baird - Planning a Wilderness White Water Trip
 Algonquin  Dave Tobey - Paddling and Hiking Options in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways
 BWCA  Will Steger & Scott Hackel - Maintaining Our Recreational Heritage
 Superior  Christopher Amidon - Paddling Isle Royale National Park
 Quetico  Kevin Callan - Once Around Algonquin: An Epic Canoe Journey
 Voyageur  Martha Phillips - Canoeing with Dad and the Gang, circa 1900
 Killarney  Lenore Sobota & Sherri Mertz - Great Lakes, Great Responsibilities
 12:30pm - 1:15pm
 Loon  Danny Mongno - All About Paddle Clothing
 Bear  Steve Baskis & Ken Braband - A Different Kind of Vision: Kayaking the Grand Canyon
 Caribou  Bill Schultz - Kayak Fishing: Getting Started
 Sylvania  Traci Lynn Martin - Just Around the Pointe; 3,592 miles around the Great Lakes
 Algonquin  Terry Bomkamp - Back Country Cooking
 BWCA  Steven Nelson - Top BWCA Sites to Visit
 Superior  Joe Robinet - Pack Boat Wilderness Tripping
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Bear-proofing Your Camp
 Voyageur  Erica LeMoine - Loons: Symbol of Northern Lakes
 Killarney  Jonathan Ringdahl - Leave No Trace: A Land Ethic
 1:00pm - 4:00pm
 Atrium  The Drop-In Clinics - Drop-In Clinics
 1:30pm - 2:15pm
 Loon  Vic & Kara Popp - Isaac & Sylvi Go Canoeing; Popp Family Paddling Adventures
 Bear  Karen Mesmer & Robert Rolley - Kayaking Lake Superior's Canadian Shore on the Installment Plan
 Caribou  Amy Funk - Trip Like A Girl
 Sylvania  Chris Stec & Olympic Hopefuls - The Future of US Olympic & Paralympic Paddlesports: 2020 and Beyond
 Algonquin  Bryan Hansel - Photographing Seascapes
 BWCA  Sean Griffin - Wild and Scenic Adventures on the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
 Superior  John Bates - Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old Growth Forests in Wisconsin (And Where to Find Them!)
 Quetico  Kevin Callan - Paddling Ontario's Thames River
 Voyageur  Tamara Thomsen - Explore Door County Shipwrecks by Kayak
 Killarney  John Van Barriger - The 'Yukon Journey' Charitable Expedition
 2:30pm - 3:15pm
 Loon  Andrea Knepper & CAT Youth - Let's Talk About Race...
 Bear  Wayne Horodowich - The Art of Staying Upright in Your Kayak
 Caribou  Richard Williamson - Alaska DIY Paddling Adventures
 Sylvania  Levi Lexvold & Courtney Otto - Conflicts over Canoe Country
 Algonquin  Timothy Bauer - The Paddling Playground of Black River Falls
 BWCA  Marty Koch - Mission Impossible - 30 Years A Ranger
 Superior  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Discover Sylvania
 Quetico  Jim Baird - Cool Outdoor Tips and Hacks
 Voyageur  Charles Wright - Fishing Everglades National Park by Kayak
 Killarney  Scott Oeth - Canoe Poling and Stand-up Paddling
 3:30pm - 4:15pm
 Loon  Pete & Ainsley Savard - #SUP4WATER: Paddling for Humanity
 Bear  William Voight - The Little Missouri: Backyard USA Wilderness
 Caribou  Ginny Nelson - Planning & Packing for a BWCA Canoe Trip
 Sylvania  Bonnie Perry - Baja Bound: Surfing Sea Kayaks in Pacific Waves
 Algonquin  Jerry Vandiver & One Match Band - Songs for the Heart of the Paddler
 BWCA  John Van Den Brandt - Wildlife Photography: How to Take Yours From Bland to Grand
 Superior  Rob Kesselring - Travel Like a Wilderness Guide Tips from 1,000 Trips
 Quetico  Timothy Bauer - River Tour Along I-94
 Voyageur  Travis Williams - Two Great Oregon Rivers: The Willamette and the John Day
 Killarney  Erik Maitland - Safety Considerations for Kayaking
 4:30pm - 5:15pm
 Atrium  Doris Kolodji - Power to the Pipsqueaks: Anyone can Pack, Paddle & Portage
 Loon  Claire Porter - Canoe Trips at 7 Months Pregnant and with a Newborn
 Bear  Mark Neuzil & Norman Sims - A Natural History of the Canoe in North America
 Caribou  Craig Zarley - Catching More Canoe Country Walleyes
 Sylvania  Tommy Thompson & Russ McCallister - Explore Natural North Florida
 Algonquin  Babs Smith & Rick Malchow - Lake Michigan's Water Trail, Door County to Illinois
 BWCA  Bryan Hansel - Paddling the Rio Grande River
 Superior  Will Steger - Canoe Sledding in the Canadian Barrens
 Voyageur  Vern Fish - Ottertooth Canyon
 Killarney  Keith Wikle - Coaching the Mind for Performance Paddling
 4:30pm - 5:30pm
 Quetico  The Aluminum Chef Competition - The Aluminum Chef Competition

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2019 presentation schedules

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