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Presentation Changes
2019 Presenter Schedule for: Sunday

 10:30am - 11:15am
 Atrium  Kat Casey - Yoga for Paddlers
 Loon  Bill Porter - Group Dynamics on a Long Paddle
 Bear  Wayne Horodowich - The Art of Staying Upright in Your Kayak
 Caribou  Christopher Lockyer - The Wild Coast of Labrador
 Sylvania  Tommy Thompson & Russ McCallister - Explore Natural North Florida
 Algonquin  Bryan Hansel - Photographing Seascapes
 BWCA  Bill Schultz - Kayak Fishing: Getting Started
 Superior  Justin Olson - Paddling Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Camping's Top Secrets
 Voyageur  Preston Ciere - The Backcountry's Power to Heal
 Killarney  Charlie Wilson - Blade, Body, Boat
 11:30am - 12:15pm
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - The Forward Stroke: Sit Down or Stand Up, Let's be Efficient
 Loon  Maura & Bobby Marko - Canoe Camping with Babies and Toddlers
 Bear  Wayne Horodowich - Using Your Boat, Body and Blade for Efficient Paddling
 Caribou  Marty Koch - Basic River Safety for the Novice Paddler
 Sylvania  Bart Swab - Being Equipped for Kayak Fishing
 Algonquin  Bear Paulsen - BWCA: What You Need to Know
 BWCA  Babs Smith & Rick Malchow - Lake Michigan's Water Trail, Door County to Illinois
 Superior  John Bates - Wildlife: What to See Between Point A and B
 Quetico  Kevin Callan - Paddling Ontario's Thames River
 Voyageur  Debra Ryun - The Wild and Scenic St. Croix Film
 Killarney  Joe Zellner & Peggy Gabrielson - Expedition Realities
 12:30pm - 1:15pm
 Atrium  Mary Langlie - Physical Preparation for Paddling
 Loon  John Chase - Leadership Principles for Effective and Fun Day Trips
 Bear  Charles Wright - Paddling America's Everglades
 Caribou  John Browning - What's in Your First Aid Kit?
 Sylvania  Levi Lexvold & Courtney Otto - Conflicts over Canoe Country
 Algonquin  David Ellingson - Coming Home a Documentary
 BWCA  Sam Crowley - Sea Kayaking the Rathad Na Mara
 Superior  Timothy Bauer - The Paddling Playground of Black River Falls
 Quetico  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Discover Sylvania
 Voyageur  Lori Vogel & LuAnn Buechler - Set Up for Success: Women Empowered in Wilderness
 Killarney  Laura Gundlach & Mark Heiman - North to Hudson Bay
 1:30pm - 2:15pm
 Atrium  John Chase - Perfectly Pack Your Kayak for a Multi-day Trip
 Loon  Andrew & Ethan Elkins - Logistics for Planning a Paddling Trip
 Bear  Amy Funk - Trip Like A Girl
 Caribou  Mark Neuzil & Norman Sims - A Natural History of the Canoe in North America
 Sylvania  Jameson Redding - Fishing From a Personal Watercraft 101
 Algonquin  Don Halloran - Lake Superior's Shoreline Parks
 BWCA  John Bates - Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old Growth Forests in Wisconsin (And Where to Find Them!)
 Superior  Timothy Bauer - River Tour Along I-94
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Canoeing Secrets
 Voyageur  William Voight, Larry, Bruce & Dave - Old Paddler's Lament
 Killarney  Steven Fritz - Learn to Return
 2:30pm - 3:15pm
 Atrium  Pete Kuhn - The Perfect Fit
 Loon  Derek Akin - Kayak Fishing & Tournaments
 Bear  Ginny Nelson - Planning & Packing for a BWCA Canoe Trip
 Caribou  Harlan Schwartz - Land Of Fire - Paddling Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
 Sylvania  David Ellingson - Paddle Pilgrim: Kayaking the Fjords of Norway
 Algonquin  Jerry Vandiver & One Match Band - Songs for the Heart of the Paddler
 BWCA  Mona Gauthier - Food Dehydration 101
 Superior  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Wisconsin Rivers Made for Paddle Camping
 Quetico  Jim Baird - Cool Outdoor Tips and Hacks
 Voyageur  Tamara Thomsen - Explore Door County Shipwrecks by Kayak
 Killarney  John Browning - Navigation 210: Beyond "Look, See, Go"

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2019 presentation schedules

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